K11 Musea

Mountain Queen Pop-up Store (k11 MUSEA) (Jan-Feb 2022)

Mountain Queen opened a pop-up store at K11 MUSEA in Tsim Sha Tsui by the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour during Chinese New Year in 2022. The store is designed with wood and forest green, making customers feel like they are in a tea garden. Our Black gold tea, golden tea, high-quality green tea, white tea and oolong tea are provided on site for customers to purchase. There is also a special tea experience, exploring the original natural tea aroma, touching the tea with your hands, feeling and understanding the uniqueness of each whole-leaf tea.
Mountain Queen collaborated with Le Cordon Bleu Chef and celebrity Jiang Yi CoCo launched a limited gift box set, including golden tea or white tea with sea salt caramel kernels or salt and pepper nuts, mellow tea flavor with crispy nuts, the taste is irresistible.